Review- On Product Landing Page

Hi guys,

I’d really appreciate it, if you could take out time to review my project on Product landing page

Hi @Sylvertech !

Welcome to the forum!
I think your projects looks good.

A few thoughts from me :slight_smile:

I think it would be better to reduce the height for the nav menu because right now it is blocking some of the content.

You also have a situation where the product items go over the navbar here

Hope that helps!

Thank you s much for reverting at your convenience.
I tried accounting for such defect, Then i noticed that the navbar requires a fixed postiton from the project’s requirements.
An assistance would be highly appreciated.

Hello @Sylvertech, You can fix the above quoted problem by setting the z-index value to the .head class.

You can also make the distance between the left margin to 0 to give a better look and reducing the width of the logo to 10% makes the navigation bar look good.

I would also recommend you to reduce the size of the nav-links

Hi @Cryptic_X .
I’d effect to this and thank you so much for your kind assistance.

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