Review requested for my write-ups on medium

Here is my profile on medium. Thought of writing down what I have learned over the years. I have few technical articles published. Honest reviews appreciated.

Looks good to me. If your goal is to teach others, I think your writing could be a bit more focused. However, generally, I think you are on the right track.

I didn’t have any particular intention other than having a detailed note when I started. I just wanted to note down things in detail when I had some break. But I started liking writing it down thinking that someone else would read or try to get something out of it than making notes for yourself to refer later.

By focused did you mean to concentrate on a narrow spectrum of topics or more focused on the quality of the content?

I meant more focused on bringing the information across for other people. Right now, it’s more like notes for yourself (which, as you said, was your original purpose). However, if your goal is to help others learn this stuff, I think it would help if it were a little more structured, broken down, and explained.