Review required for Build a Tribute Page project

Hi Campers,

Could you please review my first project on fcc :slightly_smiling_face:


I would remove the citations or include the references and link to them. If you go to the Wikipedia page, right-click a citation and Inspect element, you can see exactly how they do it in the console.

Every paragraph is in blockquotes. Why?

The second image is gigantic.

“Conscientious Objector” and “Medal of Honor” shouldn’t have quotation marks. They imply that these terms are to be taken as something other than literal.

Thank you for the review :slightly_smiling_face:

you are right. I forgot to remove them :sweat_smile: But will retain some of them and link them as done on wikipedia.

Actually, it looks cooler without blockquotes. I was trying a different look but never compared to the simpler text ui.

Will shorten it. I will have to do some searching :thinking:
Update Done.

I have removed the quotes. But i did not get your point (sorry). (see #2)

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I made the exact same mistake. Thank you for correcting me and pointing me to these resources.