Review: Task - Portfolio Project

Hi all,

I’ve spent quite a few hours into my portfolio project.
Again, same comment as my tribute page, i’m not very creative and i’m focussing more on creating a responsive website.

I used bootstrap 4 (navbar, grid layout and carousel)
a tine bit of css animatiosn (linked in and twitter icons are rotating)
a little bit of javascript (if you click on the javascript icon or the twitter hashtags, the color will change)
I also made bootstrap, popper.js, jquery.js and bootstrap.css offline available, out of curiosity, instead of using the CDN.

This is it:

I’m not putting more time into creating icons, photo’s, …
Do you guys also have graphical design skills?

Anyway, i’m glad i can move on to the javascript part! :slight_smile:

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Looks good:slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t like the fact that it’s all red. This is not a great colour to use in my opinion.
The linked in profile and twitter account don’t say much about you.
I know it’s a work in progress so when you have more skills, come back and improve it.
The responsiveness is fine.

mhm, i agree it doesn’t look good enough.
I will come back to it later, and i guess i’ll need more then 1 comeback to achieve a good looking portfolio site.
My primary goal is achieved i guess -> responsive website.
I also fullfilled the requirements of the task, so i will move on and keep this in my mind for the next attempt/project.

There are more flaws:

  • the naming of classes is awfull.
  • my css has redundant data and some non used classes

But i learned a lot by making it, and i’m sure it’s best to move on for now

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