Reviewing Projects, looking for volunteers

Hello FCC comunity,

I am currently unemployed, with no networking opportunities and living on a city with no jobs offers (literally). For that reason I will try to get a remote position.

I really need to improve my portfolio, and I think that a report is a good project to show to a potential employer.

The report will be a pdf with:

  • Screenshots at different viewport sizes

  • Code review

  • Documentation about the errors found

  • JavaScript documentation using JSDoc

  • Unit testing

  • A README file, that explains the project

I am looking for 4 volunteers, willing to:

  • Connect to Discord (voice) at least one time to explain me his project

  • Explain me the JavaScript code of his project

  • Answer questions about the code

  • Give me feedback about the report

  • Let me use his report like an example in my portfolio

  • Let me create a “before and after” of the project to show the improvements over the original project

What will get the volunteers:

  • An in depth code review

  • The report

If anyone is interested, please post an answer with your time zone (mine is UTC -3) and any question you have.

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile: