Revisiting completed challenges is not user frinedly

hi there.

(this is not a bug. but also not a good feature). revisiting completed challenges takes me more time than actually completing them.

scenario 1: revisit some of the challenges

I completed some challenges. I want to revisit some of them. it is not easy to find the spesific lesson headline. assume I’m just looking for a tiny bit of code example.
there’s map view but headings doesn’t tell me spesific feature I’m looking for.

solution suggestion:
1- it could be just added [previous page] [next page] under every “completed” challenge page so we can be faster and easily navigate. [FIXED]
2- give users an ability to pin a map view on challenge page. so they don’t have click and open again and again and again when they are revisiting. [FIXED]
3- when revisiting a challenge one needs to know where he/she is on the map. map doesn’t show that (on that condition maybe the headline could be bold or something?). so he/she always looks first the challenge headline at the right top then looks this time on the map on the left side and try to find same headline so he knows where he is on the map. time consuming.

edit: added below:

scenario 2: revisit all challenges for a quick look. just like reading a reference book but fast.

1- a cheat sheet is slowly built (actually it is always there but only opens when a challenge is completed) while the user complete the challenges. in the end user has a cheat sheat for completed challenges. or at the very start users are informed that they should take their lecture notes. (I’m writing this while I’m completing challenges and taking important and must learn code notes to another outside document… in the end I at least have some quick notes to look at.)


I think these are great suggestions and that you should search for a a github issue, and create one if nobody else is discussing it.

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@PortableStick suggestion is excellent… I second that…

You can also join the Contributors group in gitter to follow discussions of what’s being worked on…

Being able to search only by challenge name is still a problem, but I wanted to make sure that you knew that you could view your past challenges (and their solutions) by navigating to your profile page.

You can get to your profile by clicking either your avatar or brownie points in the top-right corner of FCC:

You’ll see a list of your completed challenges. If you remember part of the challenge name you can search for it using Ctrl-F or if you know when you completed it, you can look for it by the date. Click “View solution” to go to the challenge with your solution populated in the editor.

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There’s almost 3,500 challenges!?


I’ve only done like 220. :astonished:

heavens to mergatroid!

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Most of my brownie points are from being a community member for over two years. When people thank you in the chat, you get a brownie point. :laughing:

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thanks for clearing that up I was almost having a heart attack. Hahaha.

I thought those were all lessons and code challenges. I thought, “it’s going to take me forever to graduate FCC!”


thank you. yes I know that feature. (also if you have to search for something it is not in correct place)

My point is to improve user frinedliness of the site.

if noone stops me I’m thinking of adding my further suggestions to my original post so someday, someone maybe take care of them if they make sense.