RGB color mixing Tutorial (CSS) is causing problems

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For some reason, it’s saying that my code is incomplete/wrong because I “didn’t” get “I am blue” or the .blue-text class the color blue… but when i tested it in the tutorial, it turned blue and the hint video shows my code to be correct.
any reasoning for why I cant pass this specific activity?

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  .red-text {
    color: rgb(255, 0, 0);
  .orchid-text {
    color: rgb(218, 112, 214);
  .sienna-text {
    color: rgb(160, 82, 45);
  .blue-text {
    color: rgb(0, 0, 225);

<h1 class="red-text">I am red!</h1>

<h1 class="orchid-text">I am orchid!</h1>

<h1 class="sienna-text">I am sienna!</h1>

<h1 class="blue-text">I am blue!</h1>

What browser are you using? Free Code Camp has been updated to use newer technologies. It makes the application much faster and it means that we can go much longer without having to do a huge migration like the recent one. However, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari are very bad about choosing not to adhere to standards and support new functionality in JS and CSS. Right now, that means that these browsers exhibit lots of unexpected behavior. If you become a web developer you will come to hate these browsers with every fiber of your being.

Try 255 instead of 225 for .blue-text

lol im using Chrome! I’m just starting to learn programming and such, so this is all the information I currently have at the moment. Thank you for the comment… sheds some light lol

Thanks a ton Sunithack1.

I feel really dumb >.<