Rigors Of Working Full-Time With Bootcamp Part-Time

I love computers and programming, but I’m older, have other responsibilities, and right now I’m just gathering info to find if it’s right for me.
If I go to bootcamp, it’s going to have to be a part time, or self-paced (if that even exists) schedule.
I wanted verification on something I’ve begun to get the impression of, and that is:
Whether it is self-paced or part time, bootcamp/coding programs are not something I can just pick at two to three times a week after supper and chores are done. That all in all, it’s a very invested endeavor. As in, it is likely my schedule is going to be, get home from a full-time job, likely be tired, not have any time but to cram something down my pie hole to eat, plug in, and I’m there for the remainder of the evening, and goodbye weekend. Does that about sum it up?

Hi @danielsjoseph891 and welcome to the community!

There’s a lot of good news for you here. You can learn to program, on your own time, at whatever pace you need, without dedicating yourself to a bootcamp. I could make recommendations for how long to spend, but in reality, it’s just up to what time you can put in to it.

Just like anything else, coding is going to require a major amount of practice to be good at it, so the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. But, you can definitely take your time and see if you are even going to like doing it. You may find that you love doing it, and even when you feel tired after work and practice coding, it will feel fun and exciting instead of a chore.

If you haven’t started yet, give the Responsive Web Design curriculum here on FreeCodeCamp a shot and see how you like it!

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