Risbane - Text Based Web Game

Risbane V.0.3.8

This is a very early stage version of my Text Based - Turn Based Strategy Game or TBTBS Game which is based of the version of it that I created In Java for a Class. I decided to recreate it as a web game, so it could actually have a UI and improve on the whole concept.

Not a lot of planned systems are working, such as the enemy AI which is still very basic and unfinished, and the UI is in a very basic State, meaning that some stuff will not look good, such as the inventory page, due to it not being in its final state.

Please let me know what you think of the project so far, and any suggestions you have to make it better. Also if you want to help work on a fun project, and get better at web development, I would totally be on board for people joining.

Anyhow thanks for looking at it.