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How do I reduce the HEIGHT of the FLOATING BANNER?

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Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

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Hello !
I tried a few things, and one works: try reducing the width of your logo, this way the container will adapt itself to the dimensions of the content :slight_smile: (5vw would be great)

Thank you so much!

Now, how do I center the links of the header?

@i2ollsi2oyce, I don’t mean to be harsh but rather than copying the sample code (HTML & CSS) and making minor changes it’s best if you make the project from scratch, with your own code, style and content. Don’t take code from the sample project.

The projects aren’t just another challenge. Each one is meant to be a significant step in your progress. Every project you do will require research, planning, trial and error, and strengthening your skills beyond what you gain from the incremental challenges.