Roadmap to become a software developer from 0

Hello Everyone, My Name is Ashish from India. Pursued my Aspiring to become a software developer but do not know where to start. it will be helpful if someone tell me from where to begin.

Start right here :smiley:

Work from top to bottom through the courses, starting with ā€˜Responsive Web Design Certificationā€™.

Use a search engine often and look up references.
For example:
If freeCodeCamp introduces the <h1> tag, put it into a search engine to find more information on what the tag stands for, what it does and where to use it

As you work through, try out some of the concepts by building really small things outside of freeCodeCamp.
There are some online editors you can use, or you can download one.
(If you are using Windows, ā€˜Notepadā€™ is also an editor)

Read community posts and ask for help when you get stuck or frustrated. :slight_smile:

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