Roadmap to learning javascript and mastering freeCodeCamps exercises

What would be an ideal roadmap to learning Javascript and getting better at these freeCodeCamp exercises?

Repeat the challenges by resetting the code to their original status. When you can work through all of them without looking at your old code or asking for help, you will have learned quite a lot.

Practice is the way most of us learn. It is also good to study other solutions for the same challenge, but not before solving them on your own first.

Something that has helped me so far is to use multiple sites to learn the same thing. Do the javascript exercises until you get stuck, and then go somewhere else (codecademy,udemy,books etc) and work on them until you are stuck again and keep hopping around. I found that the different teaching styles made some things easier to pick up. And then I use FCC as my roadmap for how comfortable I actually feel by redoing the exercises to see where I’m at.