[Roadmap] What do I have to learn to build this web app?

Hi everyone,

I have a web app idea and was wondering if the fCC community could give me a very surface level roadmap for what I actually need to learn to build something I have in mind, thanks in advance.

Some background: I recently completed the (New) Responsive Web Design Certification and am trying to learn JavaScript.

Web app idea:

The web app is basically a place where people can search for different gym/workout exercises.

On the homepage there will be a search box or list where people can search or select “Upper body” + “Dumbbell” or “Triceps” + “Resistance bands” etc.

A new page will load containing the results, and when users click on one of the results, a new page (I’ll call it an “exercise page”) will load, containing info about the exercise. In the future I might want to add functionality where users can sign in and save their favorite exercises etc.


  1. Do I need a database? What’s the best way of implementing this search function?

  2. I would like all the “exercise pages” to have the same layout. Is the best approach to somehow have those HTML files “link” to an external HTML template, so that if I want to change the template, I can change just that one file, rather than all the other HTML files?

  3. I’d also want each “exercise page” to have its own url, rather than have the exercises loaded onto one particular url.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I can have the names of concepts or frameworks needed that’ll help me in my research. Also please don’t hesitate to let me know if my approach is completely wrong.

Thank you! :grinning:

The only roadmap I will suggest is freeCodeCamp’s curriculum. After finishing the frontend certification, you can come back and re-read your post :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. :100: you would have found all the answers you need. Thank you

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Hi Uy_Scuti,

Thanks for the response, really appreciate it. I’m relieved to hear that I can learn all this from fCC’s frontend certification, I was worried I had to find other resources and wouldn’t know where to even begin. Thanks again!

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