Roast My Portfolio Site

Hey everyone. Long time listener, second-time poster… i think.

I thought it was time to show my portfolio site and get a critique from my peers. This is my first time putting myself out there again for a long time and I tried to keep things light-hearted because that’s just how I am “culture fit” wise.

Constructive criticism is more than welcome.

Yes the portfolio site is built in Wordpress (literally for speed of production), but it’s mainly a place to hold links to React projects and other things etc.

You may consider the following things

  • As a user, I do expect a highlighted color with more focus of every menu items on hover, moreover, as a client I don’t expect the menu names etc like code-writing, I expect Separate words.

  • In your project area, as you are using more likely a common container class and you have 4 columns- I expect the buttons full width

  • As you’re using divi, your buttons are likely to have 10px border width that is not expected to such small button, also not expected 100px border radius for such items, also may change button background more focused

  • In the contact area, your message box is horizontally resize-able, but it’s not expected

  • you may set different background color in the contact area or set a thin border of contact form to focus that

  • Other than the above, your site has some accessibility and validation issues

However, your site is fine overall

I like the let me pick for you app… I’m about to steal it and make it a restaurant picker for my wife… Lol

Didn’t try the expense app because I never just “log in” to an app that I have zero idea how it works. Might consider making it more approachable.

The black community app is interesting. Small bug when you change the country, the city does not update with it. Might want to make it more intuitive.


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Figuring out the best way to do that has been bugging me for a few days :wink: