Roast my portfolio website please! :)) and job advice

a short introduction: I’m Raphael, I started FCC a month ago with no prior knowledge about anything.
I spent the last week to build my personal website. Initially I wanted to postpone the portfolio and learn some more but I have a potential employer for a semibig project(for my at least) so I have to have something to show.

Firstly, please critique my website
Disclaimer: I am going to remove anything codepen and move all projects to github(pages) as soon as I reworked them. Please bear with it for now.
Also project descriptions and about section is more or less placeholder, but I’d like to get some first opinions and feedback.

Secondly, the job offer.
I have to make a website with database for an archeological excavation(for my local university). I dont have the exact details yet, but there’s about a 200 objects(findings is the appropriate word?) to be shown with images and info.
She also needs an authentication system for people to access all of the data of all the objects(about 1000).

This is a great opportunity to get my foot in the door, although challenging. But if I do a good job, I’m sure to get more work in the future.

My question: How to tackle this? Is node an ok choice?
Since the main feature is the database I’m wondering if php + relational DB would be more appropriate. Though I have zero experience with php. JS everything seems to be the way to go.

Disclaimer: I am willing to put in the time. I feel like with alot of reading and looking stuff up and trial and error I could make something that satisfies at least the requirements.

Anyone who read this far, thank you and good luck!


I think that fix up your bar navigation is a good way to improve the design. :slight_smile:


  1. WEBDESIGN and WEBDEVELOPMENT should both be two words, not one.
  2. Most names in tags are usually Pascal-cased.
  3. It’d be cool to replace the twitter and facebook links (that aren’t completed) with fCC and LinkedIn profile links.

Archeological CRUD app with pictures
Are there any other requirements for that job, like requested architecture? Something like that could be built reasonably well using PHP/Symfony and MySQL, though my personal choice would be MeteorJS.

Why Meteor

  1. Accounts management is already built in to the Meteor framework.
  2. The file storage should be straightforward with the CollectionFS plugin.
  3. Meteor is a lot closer to the MEAN stack than PHP would be… so most JS experience you gain working with Meteor on this project would translate right back to fCC studies.
  4. It even makes it easy to create a native mobile app version once the web app works.

Keep us up to date on that project. Sounds like fun.

Thanks for the feedback.
Meteor looks really interesting. I’m already looking into it, thanks!

I plan on getting all the details and requirements this week. I will post an update here.


NODE/Express can build you an api with authentication.

You can then use whatever frontend client you’d like (angular, react, just straight up html/js)

I agree with sticking to JS. Unless you find the language really frustrating and want to explore something else. I love meteor. It’s a little cpu intensive but other than that I can get a CRUD site up in an hour or less if you skip styling.

Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions around meteor as getting started with it can be a pain for some.