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So I’ve been learning the basics of Pseudocode and was thinking of making a code in particular. This code is going to help me know what clothing and accessories required for different weather on different days (including school uniform). Problem is, I don’t know enough about Pseudocode yet as I am very new to it. I’m unsure of how to put things in that would connect it to a weather app and know what uniforms are required for what days. I figured it isn’t too important either to know what clothes to wear on weekends, as long as it can say that I don’t need uniform.

I’m not asking anyone to write anything for me, just wondering if somebody could set me up with some ground work. Thanks.


Let’s look at the framework for what you want the code to do.

  • Get weather for specific day
  • If day is weekend, return “no school uniform”
  • If day is not weekend
    • If weather is cold, return “coat”
    • If weather is hot, return “shorts”
    • If weather is rainy, return “umbrella”
    • If weather is sunny, return “sunglasses”

It may not be specific, but this is usually how I start my code development. Essentially, the first steps are: What are your inputs? What are your outputs? What inputs should result in what outputs?


Thank you for the help.


Is that what you were looking for?

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Yeah it was exactly, I just started working on the code right after I got this and because of it I’ve made plenty of progress. Thank you for the help.

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