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Can someone explain how Abbey plays?

I have solved the other three bots, but I cannot beat abbey. When I do end up beating Abbey, I fail getting above 60% with the other bots. Additionally, I’m not really using machine learning I’m just using for loops and if statements (with certain patterns) as well as some counters for this project. I’ve done a lot of research on this, but am I supposed to do a Markov Chain or something? This seems like it should be a simple project but all the code I’ve seen online for Markov stuff is quite complex. The instructions don’t say to import a module, so I haven’t done that either. Seems like some of the bots’ strategies contradict each other making it more difficult to get above 60%.

If someone could please help that would be amazing. I’ve spent so much time trying to figure this out, and I feel like it’s something that shouldn’t be this difficult.

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Abbey is a Markov chain player, using a length of 2, so you’ve got a good example there. A longer Markov chain can defeat her or an appropriate length 2 chain will work as well. As I have mentioned here before, it is possible to know who you are playing, through various means, and employ the correct algorithm against them. It’s possible to beat all the players more than 80% of the time. As you can see from reading Abbey’s code, a Markov chain algorithm isn’t very complex.

A Markov chain isn’t the only algorithm that will work here, but it is one of the simpler ones. This project is not current fashionable machine learning (think neural nets) but old school machine learning. There is quite a bit of information on RPS strategy on the web once you get past all the RPS bot tutorials that use neural nets to recognize human hands playing RPS.

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