Rock, paper, scissors

i know the file says “do not modify”, is that just to avoid breaking the repl or is it a rule of the challenge? Because my solution involves one tiny modification to the file and i was wondering if it’s “legal”.

You should not change the file that you were told not to change.

i’m gonna elaborate a bit because i really think the change was insignificant but in turn made my job one hell of a lot easier. What i did was passing the name of the bot as an argument to the player function so i could define different strategies for each of them.

My code : boilerplate-rock-paper-scissors - Replit

I’m pretty sure that is not the intended solution.

As a developer you have to work with certain constraints. One of the constraints for this project is to not modify the

There are other ways to get that information without modifying And it is very useful information.

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I suspected as much but haven’t found anything yet. I’ll keep looking =)

i managed to do it using the inspect library but the code runs noticeably slower. If anyone can drop a hint at a better way to do it i’m all ears. Thanks in advance =)