Rockefeller Tribute Page - Feedback

So I’ve completed the first responsive project according to the tests. I feel like I could still improve it though and I’m not exactly sure that it’s truly responsive.

I feel like I’m terrible from the standpoint of creativity. I feel like I get the technical side of web development so far but the creative side… yikes. lol

Any feedback, improvements, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


It looks great! To make it responsive, make the width of the unordered list a percentage, instead of a fixed pixel width.

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Ha! Excellent. I hadn’t thought about that.

Nice job @theague. The one thing I’d say is to make the font of the figure caption a bit larger.

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Hey @theague I can offer some insight from a creativity perspective. Coming from a design background, I can tell you that very rarely will a web page be deployed without having gone through some design process first unless the page is part of a template. It might be helpful to wireframe a project before jumping into code, whether the layout starts in Photoshop, Sketch, or just pencil on paper. Visualizing a project without worrying about functionality can really speed up your coding process.

Color choices, typography, or other design elements are better thought of as stylistic preferences than things that can be right or wrong, though there are best practices to some extent. Study some of the brands you think are doing it right and try doing something similar, maybe with your own flair. Dribble and Pinterest are good resources for web design examples. Most designers learn by copying the greats, not by being naturally original.

I think your page shows great organizational hierarchy, is legible, and easy to follow and those are steps in the right direction for a good design. Hope that helps.

Keep it up!

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Thanks @Roma for the feedback. I’ll scale it up a bit.

Ok @TazExprez and @Roma I have updated the page with your suggestions. I also changed the color of the fig caption to match the page and I made the width of the timeline a little more narrow and thought it turned out a little nicer.

@jamescoledesign - thanks for the feedback, I greatly appreciate it. I’m definitely in the “right or wrong” category when it comes to the design side. I’ve never heard of Dribble, I’ll take a look. Thanks for the ideas and compliments!

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I’ve updated the timeline to make it more interesting to look at.

I googled the topic, found some codepen examples and utilized the provided HTML/CSS with some modification by me to make it work.