Rogue dungeon game
if you have an idea of changing the game, please send the links with audio, and avatars or your sugestions.

Is it finished? Nothing appears on my screen.

I still don’t understand how the sandbox in full page work.
so here is code and click on enlarge on right corner

Finally I make a it run in codepen.

I am thinking the similar could be something like classic Dave should be programmed.

Comments about the game play:
What do the colours mean?
Where am I going? The dungeon lasts forever.
The grid seems quite spaced out. The dungeon should be more enclosed.
I am able to use the keyboard repeat in one direction.
I just noticed, when you die you are reincarnated back at the start. - it should tell you when you die.

Comments about the design:
The game grid is very good. I like the bunny.
The logo looks good. The rotating box? I have no idea what that is for.
The rest of the design looks like HTML lesson 1. You can do better.

Originally I have Idea about the box covered by two numbers and you must walk the right path. But I start at friday and now I am exhusted. I tired about find good logo for carrot orange and gabbage green and for boss white. What is boss for bunny?
the I am planning the more blocked square level
should be alert box or bloomberg for explanation?

Boss for bunny = Wolf

List instructions before start (maybe a modal alert box)
just leave a small legend / key always on the page.

Takes 6 hours I getting closer to baldures gate
I worked on two days and You can look what is possible with React and CSS animations.