Rookie Personal Portfolio

Before all, I’d like to thank FCC for fantastic learning tools. Aside from its curriculum, I learn SO MUCH from the examples of projects provided in the curriculum. Also, thank YOU for sharing useful feedback.

Anyways, this project heavily followed the example, and took some irrelevant stuff out. So, the web page looks like it’s missing a lot of things. Besides, I haven’t yet added any personal style to the project. However, I plan to do so gradually as I progress through the next modules.

For now, it looks pathetically basic and simple. Still, I learned a lot, completing this project. I am just excited to move onto the next module: JavaScript :smiley:

As always, I would appreciate any feedback.

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Make it responsive for mobile

I like the boxes you have to show your work; simple, colorful, fun.

When clicking on the “Show More” button I got this error message:

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