Root level logger middleware should be active in year 2021 Feb

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Can someone tell me where i am doing wrong?

app.use( function(req, res, next){
var s = req.method+" “+req.path+” - "+req.ip;

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Challenge: Implement a Root-Level Request Logger Middleware

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Hello there,

Without more information, it will be difficult to be sure of the issue, but some Campers have been unable to complete this lesson due to a known issue: Use the .env File - Issue - freeCodeCamp Support - The freeCodeCamp Forum

Otherwise, would you mind sharing a link to your project code? Also, potentially sharing any errors you are coming across?

Hope this helps

Yes Sure.
This might help you to find out weather I am doing something wrong or what ?

Thanks for that.

It looks like this is due to something related to the above linked issue.