Root level logger middleware

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Can someone kindly explain what this means. I have been stuck here for hours. I can’t seem to pass this challenge.
I have also gone through the forum and tried all the suggestions made on a similar issue but none works on my end.
Your assistance is highly appreciated.

// running tests
Root level logger middleware should be active
// tests completed

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Challenge: Implement a Root-Level Request Logger Middleware

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As a point of curiosity, are you using Glitch? They’re facing some reliability issues which may be interfering with your tests. You can track the status of their services and try again when they are fully operational.

Yes am using glitch. Let me check it out. Thank you.

Seems like Glitch still has an issue. Is there another way? I see an option to clone a github repo, any idea how that works? What do I do after cloning? Thank you.