Rosa Parks Tribute page feedback request

Hello Friends :blush:,

This is my Tribute page. All feedbacks are most welcomed :raised_hands:.
This page features RWD and an interactive quote display

Click on the link :point_down:
Tribute page: Rosa Parks

Hello, sophie.

The tribute page looks excellent, and it looks as though you put a lot of work into it. Keep it up.

The last test does not pass though, because of this line:

.item1 {
	padding-left: 5%;

I am not sure if you added this in, after passing and submitting for any particular reason, but I do not understand why you would want that.

Hope this helps.

Yaaaah :grinning: Thank you for writing :writing_hand: your review. Click the link :point_down:

This is a live deployment of the page using Netlify, it shows all the tests were passed