Rosetta Code: Accumulator Factory - passing multiple values

Can someone help provide an example of how the call on the last test of the Rosetta Code: Accumulator Factory would look like? I feel like I’m heading into lambda calculus territory of which I’m unfamiliar with.

So I have the basic understanding that double parentheses in a function call works so long as the first part of the function call returns a function. Using the tests from the challenge as an example, accumulator(0)(2) works because accumulator(0) returns a function and processes (2) as the argument of the returned function. This makes sense to me, but this is only for two sets of arguments which in the end returns a number.

What would the code look like if there were more than two sets of arguments such as the last test of the challenge?

Initial value passed in to create the accumulator function: 3

Subsequent values passed via separate function calls: -4, 1.5, and 5

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