Rosetta Code: Lucas-Lehmer test

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11 is a prime number so the code should return true. However; it’s failing with: “lucasLehmer(11) should return false”. Everything else works just fine.

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function lucasLehmer§ {
if (p < 2) {
return false
let root = Math.ceil(Math.sqrt§);

for(let i = 2; i<=root; i++) {
if(p % i === 0) {
return false;

return true;
console.log(lucasLehmer(11)); true
console.log(lucasLehmer(15)); false
console.log(lucasLehmer(13)); true
console.log(lucasLehmer(17)); true
console.log(lucasLehmer(19)); true
console.log(lucasLehmer(21)); false

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Challenge: Lucas-Lehmer test

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but you are not testing if 11 is prive, you are testing if 211-1 is prime, as that is the Mersenne number

you already know that the input is an odd prine, you need to check if the Mersenne number obtained by that number is prime or not

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Oh… Ok. That makes sense. Thanks for your help.