Router is only showing index page and other routes are not working

I’m on a localhost server. Only the index page for my router is showing, but when I try to go to the about.php and contact.php pages I made, this error message appears ‘The requested resource /contact.php was not found on this server.’. I’m supposed to get this error message though if my route doesn’t work ‘throw new Exception(‘No route defined for this URI.’);’. I’ve been following a tutorial to make this and I’m not sure how to debug this.

This is my index.php file


require 'core/bootstrap.php';

require Router::load('routes.php')

It’s supposed to load the router and direct it to the correct php file.

here is a router object with links. Only the ‘’ => controllers/index.php link is working correctly.



    '' => 'controllers/index.php',

    'about' => 'controllers/about.php',
    'contact' => 'controllers/contact.php'

This is a Router class to load the router object and use the links from it to go to the correct file.


class Router
    protected $routes = [];
    public static function load($file)
        $router = new static;

        require $file;

        return $router;
    public function define($routes)
        $this->routes = $routes;
    public function direct($uri)
        if (array_key_exists($uri, $this->routes)) {
            return $this->routes[$uri];
        throw new Exception('No route defined for this URI.');

This class takes the request_uri from the page and uses it to get to the correct file with the router class.


class Request
    public static function uri()
        return trim($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '/');

And this file takes everything connects all the files together.


$app = [];

$app['config'] = require 'config.php';

require 'core/Router.php';

require 'core/Request.php';

require 'core/database/connection.php';

require 'core/database/queryBuilder.php';

$app['database'] = new QueryBuilder(


I’d appreciate any help with this. Here is a link to the project on github

I found the error. In my views file I had to change my tag href link from ‘about.php’ to just ‘/about’, and now its working.

class NestController extends BaseController {

public function showView()
    return View::make('nest');


Route::get(’/nest’, ‘NestController@showView’);
When I go to url/nest it doesnt work. When I go to url/index.php/nest it does work.

Obviously I just want it to be /nest without the index.php.
you can try it, if you face this problem.

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