RPG Character Generator

I know they exist, but I always thought a good project would be a ‘character’ generator for an RPG - my RPG of choice would be Shadowrun. Anyone interested in such a thing, drop me a line.

(And if you know a good place to freely find and the ‘basics’ of setting up a character in shadowrun - please let me know) :slight_smile:


In case anyone is interested in this I have set up the framework (with bootstrap and jquery included) for this project - I have built one function to roll character trait rolls (six sided dice, four times, dump the lowest score, add up the other 3). Any comments or input is always welcome - i’m working from an online 125 players guide which isn’t the same information as the players handbook but I think enough to get started (and I can’t find anything on shadow run character creation which would be my first preference)

Click Here to see and follow (if you want) the repository progress

I’m interested! Sounds like a neat project that is not too intimidating lol.

I actually gave it a start on the D&D by researching the free version of character handbook online - it’s not hugely difficult - though involved - but the guide was a bit unclear on how you build certain character characteristics so I still need to do more research. I’d rather work on shadowrun but finding character creation guidelines for that online has proven very difficult