RPG Game [Clicker/Idle]

[ EDIT ]

Hey guys, thank you so much for the feedback which you all gave me on here! I really appreciate it. If you tried the game before, please feel free to try it again and give me more feedback, as many, MANY things have been changed since the first time I posted.
I would be happy to hear what you all think of its current state!

PS: If you tried it before, please clear the browser’s cache to try the all-new version :slight_smile:

[ /EDIT ]

Hey guys!

I would LOVE to know what you all think about this project of mine; do you think it would look good in a portfolio?

GitHub repo: https://github.com/Vonathar/fantasia-js
Live Website: https://vonathar.github.io/fantasia-js/

Please tell me ANYTHING that you think I should change (even easier if you create an issue) and I would be truly happy to learn from this. Also note that it’s not yet mobile friendly.

Thanks in advance!


Well it’s really looking good, the background, the figures and boxes.
I find that info-box (font-size) on the right side to small, but that’s probably a matter of my age…

If I uncheck “autoprogress”, fighting continues. This is irritating, especially in the beginning, when learning the game-rules.

If I understood this right, there is no way of moving the figure? So the game consists just of fighting? Are there other characters with an dialog-option? (very important for RPG)

I think developing a complete RPG is a lot of work: writing all the dialogues, having a kind of screenplay, creating different locations etc

An idea: maybe you can present just the “GUI” as part of your portfolio.
NOT: here is my complete RPG,
JUST: here is the user-interface, the graphic part of a RPG.
Then you can use it in portfolio without needing the complete project to be finished.


I’m with you regarding the font size at the age of 25. I find everything on the screen requires squinting which, when compounded with your auto progress point, further complicates learning the game.

Otherwise, beautiful game, nice GUI. I dig it.


Is this a layout or we can play the game


Nice job! I noticed the coin display isn’t working quite right, though. Get some coins and then resize your window. They go offscreen at wide sizes and break out of their container at small ones.


Thank you kindly for taking the time to give me an accurate feedback - I agree that the writings are too tiny, and I must make it a priority to increase their size to improve overall accessibility.

Concerning the auto-progress: usual to most clicker games, every “x” stages a boss is encountered; toggling auto-progress only makes this boss not appear - it does not entirely stop the enemies from coming (but since you mentioned it - I will try and implement a way to actually stop any enemy from coming).

Again, moving the figure, there is no way - purely because I tried to stick to the genre of Idle/Incremental/Clicker RPGs which are out there; and characters with dialogue are going to be implemented in the future - thank you kindly for pointing these out, because they really slipped my mind in the development process.

Considering the main logic part is already in place, I am going to leave it, but I will make sure to listen to your suggestion and clarify that it does not hold many traditional RPG elements - instead, it’s just a… standard Idle/Incremental/Clicker game.

Thank you kindly for your time and knowledge!

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Thank you kindly - I am going to make it a priority considering you two both noticed the same thing immediately. Also, for the auto progress, I did not make it clear enough - but all it does is prevent a boss stage from appearing! This was my fault for not even adding a tooltip to it.

But thank you for the nice words and for taking the time to try it out!

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Hey Topcoder,

This is a full game - however it is not accessible from mobile as of now (or, well, it is… but very buggy).

It’s your standard clicker game, but with some RPG elements.

Thanks for your comment!

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Thank you kindly for the nice words!

I just tried what you said, and I agree - the margin given to the style makes it glitchy when the window size changes in certain ways. I will make sure to fix this one as soon as possible, but great find!

And, of course, thank you for taking the time to try it out!

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Hey all!

I tried listening to the advice received in this thread - so the new live version reflects the changes listed by you guys.

Let me know what you think and anything else I can fix!


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Wow! that was so cool! I would suggest to fight monsters only. Not domesticated animals.
Amazing job!

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This is neat. How do you use the items? (e.g. potion?)


Thank you kindly for the message - I really appreciate your feedback! It makes sense, I will take it into account as an issue.

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Hey, thank you kindly for trying it out!

[W/E] Attack
[H] Heal with potion
[1/2/3/4] Skills

Have fun and feel free to tell me anything to add or fix!

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I had so much fun playing this game. It stole 2 hours of my life, but those 2 hours were of pure bliss. Thank you very much for sharing.

The only feedback I have is that it would be nice to have some instructions… like which keys do what. In the end, I never figured out what the bags do or how to use them.

I love the look and the feel of the game. Great work!


Hey, thank you so much! You have no idea how much that means to me - I am honoured to know you enjoyed it that much!

I just made a new commit on my GitHub repository which adds a tutorial window (can be open/closed using the hotkey [T]) - let me know what you think, and feel free to comment and/or open issues for anything you might have in mind, either fixes or ideas!

Thanks again, sincerely, for trying it out.


The tutorial is nice. Thanks for taking my suggestion seriously and implementing it.

If you can make this game work on a mobile, I think it’ll fly like hotcakes.


Really cool, loved your design :heart:


Thank you kindly for trying it out! Please do let me know if you have any idea of something to add, or to fix, or anything really… I’d love it if you had any input!

Let me know.

Thanks again for your time in trying it out!

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Thank you! It’s what I am working on now - so hopefully it will happen soon. I am glad you enjoyed it that much!

Please feel free to let me know should there be anything else.