Rpg Survey. Feedback?

Hey guys. This is my second project on FCC. Of course, it’ll be on the survey form. i learn a lot from doing the first project with the help of nice campers in here that gave me pieces of advice. So i have put that to work on this project. Hopefully, its good to go! :smile:

Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Recheck all your for attributes on the labels to match the ids of the corresponding inputs, selects, textareas, etc

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I like the form in general, looks cool!

You could improve the “submit” button, give it some response when you hover over it (let the cursor change to pointer, change the color of the button, etc)

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hey @vvalt0101 , I hope you are doing well. I reviewed your project for you. I hope you find some good feedback in this video. cheers :slight_smile:

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Hey, @Kyu thanks for the advice on the on the submit/cursor button. I did what you said, and it looks even more impressive now. Thanks!

@michaelhenderson Dude, your videos are awesome! Thanks for making a feedback video of my project. I like how you did everything step by step of the details that i can improve on. i took on the advice you said and retouch somethings. Thank you for the motivating thing you said in the end. It was very inspiring! :smile:


Man, that is great! I am glad you found it inspiring and informative! Means a lot to me and gives me the motivation to keep making videos.