RSS of the FreeCodeCamp blog is malformed

Due to some errors with the RSS’s syntax:

I can’t subscribe to it using my feed reader:


I am not sure there is one for all the blog :thinking:

You can subscribe to certain authors, like,

It seems to be fine for me. Well, I do see some recommendations. Do you mind sharing which reader you are using, so I can test this more closely?

@ilenia There is a link for it in the HTML.

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="" href="">

When I check the validator it was also passing (with some recommendations). Maybe it was just a glitch?

I tested it with a Chrome extension and it worked just fine. What reader are you using?

I’m using:

  • Nextcloud News (this is where my screenshot comes from)
  • Huginn (which only manages to fetch the first entry from the feed)

Hi @kuba-orlik, thanks for those details.

Unfortunately I can’t sign up for a Nextcloud account to do some testing on my end — they’re migrating their site and aren’t allowing new accounts at the moment.

Are there any other RSS readers you use? Feedly was one of the default RSS integrations for Ghost, so I did most of my testing with that site / app.

In the meantime, I’ll see what I can do to clean up some of the errors that were reported with the w3 validator, and hopefully that will help with Nextcloud News.

I could volunteer an account on my own instance for testing purposes - please PM me if you’re interested

This is my main RSS reader

Thanks! <3

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Awesome! Thank you for offering to create an account on your Nextcloud instance. I’ll PM you now.

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