Ruby challenge for anyone who is up for it

am trying this challenge being new to programming and ruby if anyone can pull it off and push to github i see how to go about it

loan management system

We all like to have that extra bit of cash when you are strapped for cash once in a while, don’t we? So for this week we will need to build a simple loan management system in sinatra that lets a user borrow loans. You will need to create a class where your friends can borrow and have a link in your app where you can see a list of all people who owe you some money, and who owe you money.


For the next code review have the following things: An .erb file for your loans calculations. Should let you borrow and loan out to people (i.e two methods).
An algorithm that lets you calculate the interest in advance show to users before they take a loan with you
Have a detailed spec files for testing out your methods (both unit and integration).
A path for a user to see their loans (What they owe and what is owed to them separately).