Ruby for FCC projects

I’m porting myself over to a Ruby friendly web dev environment. At the moment, I’m deep into Slim without knowing how to compile to html yet :stuck_out_tongue: I’m loving how I can write Sass, CoffeeScript, Ruby and more all into one file ( i don’t know how it’ll compile yet ).

After this I plan to learn how to write in Opal(Ruby) which compiles to JavaScript and apparently can run in the browser. I heard of Opal a while ago but I figured it was too much hassle to go from one to another when we already write JS and CSS and HTML. I’d be tabbing through 4 languages at that point, all with their own syntax quirks.

But, after giving SASS a shot, I can’t wait to try all these extra tools. Slim for example makes HTML terse and readable. I argue that HTML is not readable, easier than JS, but still ridiculous. There’s also a front/back-end Ruby implementation that gets compared to Meteor, it’s called Volt.

Learning in mind I hope to continue using vanilla languages here and there; I’d prefer not to get too comfortable. How are you using Ruby? How about with FCC?

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