Rule 3 - Reverse Engineer - Doesn't it mean look at the code of the example?

Hi, In the video presented in this task it presents rule number 3 “Reverse Engineer the example project functionality”. I’m not a native English speaker but my understanding of reverse engineer is open it - look how it’s build in details - and build it by your own. Meaning - look at the code - which I think is against the rules I read earlier in the course. Can u please clarify?
Ben Carp

It says to reverse engineer the functionality which is quite different from reverse engineering the whole program. It just means to get a deep understanding of what it does. Since you can’t look at the code you’ll have to use your imagination and the things you learned from the course to arrive at the same conclusion.

For example, if there’s a project that requires you to make a program that has a lot of buttons, you can reverse engineer by copying what the buttons do, but you don’t have to look at the underlying code to do so.