Run Test Button is Not Working Properly

For some odd reason, whenever I begin coding for the task at hand the test will automatically run.
This prevents me from further clicking the “Run Test” button.
I have bypassed this bug by refreshing the page, but this has become quite cumbersome and annoying.
I have updated my Google Chrome to the latest version, deleted ALL extensions on all of my Google Profiles and yet the problem subsists.

I have tried this on other browsers like Safari and OperaGX, and ALL browsers exhibit the same bug.

I am about to finish the course on ’ JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures’ but yesterday the console, the ‘run test’ button, and everything in general stopped working with my account.
The console doesn’t show the coding errors, it just doesn’t change anymore when I’m ,coding. Also clicking the run test button doesn’t do anything.
It’s been working perfectly until yesterday, but now it doesn’t, no matter the browser I’m using .
Is there a limit of trials for every excercise? Is that the reason why it is not working?
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i am facing similar issues on the Front End Dev - React modules.

Output is not refreshing automatically and the Ctrl + Enter shortcut is not working as well for both running the code and moving on to the next question.



I am currently experiencing the same problem. Need to refresh the page whenever I change the code to update the output.


To add to this topic:

When refreshing the page this error message is logged onto the console:

A plugin named “loopProtection” is already registered, it will be overridden

along with:

A plugin named “testLoopProtection” is already registered, it will be overridden

I’m stuck at SyntaxError warning when editing code and the console stops updating. I need to refresh page to get rid of the SyntaxError warning, even though there is no syntax error, to be able to run the test.

I’ve come across this problem.

The button texture changes when clicked but does not seem to do anything. Ctrl + Enter also does not work.

I’ve found running an incorrect answer can cause it to happen.

And refreshing the page can cause it to work again until another wrong answer is run

some other information that might be helpful:

  • I logged in with my e-mail,
  • using Microsoft Edge,
  • on Windows 11

The javascript console is not live. The Run the Tests button is not working in redux challenges. Please look into it

Hi There

Save the code and reload page it allowed me by this method

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In js course console have started freezing since monday. Where can I report this?

It’s being especially feisty today! Make Ann mad. Ann Smash!

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Yeah…this issue has been driving me crazy since yesterday.

If clearing the cache and cookies doesn’t help, you might consider reaching out to the support team of the coding platform or website you’re using. They may be able to provide specific guidance or identify any known issues related to running tests.

In the meantime, as a temporary solution, you can continue using the workaround of refreshing the page to bypass the bug. It’s understandable that this can be cumbersome, but until a permanent solution is found, it may help you continue working on your tasks.

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