Run Test not working

I am using google chrome fully up to date.

  • Tried another browswer (firefox and edge)

  • Restarted chrome

  • Made sure it was up to date

Also really annoyed that when trying to login the forums it says my login is incorrect. I click on forgot password and it tells me the put in my email address for password recovery, OOOPS your email is not registered in our system.

Ok I must have used another email. I will sign up with the email they just said DOES NOT have an account on the forums.

JK user the email we just said is NOT IN OUR SYSTEM has already been registered.

So which is is???

Obviously love FCC but really annoyed right now when all I’m trying to do is study.

Currently your FCC account is not related to your forum account. You have to create them separately. (A little bird told me that the team is working on making it possible to have one account for both.)

In terms of the tests - certain types of syntax errors in your code can cause the tests to crash and therefor never show results. If you create a topic in the appropriate Help category with your code we can help you figure out what’s going on.

I’m sorry that you had a frustrating time with FCC recently, but you’ve got a bunch of friends here who want to help.

Hello it seems you have missed the details of my post.

I understand that the forum and FCC accounts are not the same and need to be created separately.

I am referring ONLY to FCC Forum with my above statements about email signup.

Can you please read the details again and let me know why that would be happening?


the problem I am facing has nothing to do with syntax errors. Because when I restart chrome 20 times and copy and paste my original answer it eventually works. That is extremely frustrating. Also very frustrated to take the time to write out my problem only to have support not read the details and actually address my problem.