Run test problems

Good evening guys. My name is Oscar and I need some help with the frontend labraries calculator. I’m almost done, but there is one test to pass and I was wondering I anybody can take a look at my code and see if there is something I missed or can give me a tip. I sure would appreciate it, here is my link to codepen:

If you look at the test that is failing it is telling you that 5 * - 5 is failing. I can enter the 5 and the * but your calculator won’t let me enter the -. I’m guessing this has something to do with the chooseOperation function. It looks like this.currentOperand is an empty string when I try to enter - after the *.

I see what you mean. I tried to enering the (-) but it didn’t work. thanks for you time I appreciate it. Thanks for your time and input.

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