"Run the Test" isn't working


I am new to freeCodeCamp.

I did my first challenge of changing the text from “Hello” to “Hello World” in HTML.

When I press “Run the Test” button, the output is being shown on the right hand side frame( though the output is actually obtained without even pressing the “Run the Test” button).

But its not showing any notification or message that I completed the challenge. I don’t even know how to move forward to next challenge.

I am sure that my answer to this simple challenge is correct as I am not new to HTML. So what is the way of submitting the solution to complete the challenge? I am using windows 10 OS and Edge browser. Hope, there is no compatibility issue.


Change browser, try with google chrome, edge doesn’t work with FCC

Thank you! Yes,its working on Mozilla Firefox browser.

I don’t know whether the problem is with the Edge browser or FreeCodeCamp need to make changes to become compatible with it.

Anyway, thanks again!:smile::slightly_smiling_face:

the issue is Edge that is not compatible with the new technologies that freecodecamp uses :slight_smile:

Ya, may be! :slightly_smiling_face: