Run Windows arm64 on docker

I have a raspberry pi 4 with Docker installed. I can run a full OS on in, but only Linux flavours (kali, ubuntu, raspbian, twisterOS, etc). Some of them I create the docker images flashing an SD card with the .img and then compressing the folders to a docker image. How can I do the same with Windows? There’s the Windows on Raspberry project, but I can’t make it work on docker. Which command do I have to use?

Steps I follow:

  1. Flash sd card with .img fifle (eg. Raspbian bullseye
  2. Mount SD card folders (boot and rootfs by default)
  3. Make a docker image
    sudo tar -C /media/pi/rootfs -c . | docker import - raspbian:bullseye
  4. Run the image
    docker run -it --privileged --cap-add=ALL --net=host --name=raspbian raspbian:bullseye bash
    Or if I want it with systemct I use
    docker run -it --privileged --cap-add=ALL --net=host --name=raspbian raspbian:bullseye /sbin/init
  5. Inside the container
    apt update && apt install tigervnc-standalone-server
    vncserver -localhost no :1

I want to do the same with windows for arm64, please I need some help.