Runescape Inspired Product Landing Page

Hello, I’m looking for feedback for my product landing page. Since I wasn’t sure what kind of product I wanted to feature I decided to have a little fun. All images belong to Jagex. One issue with the project is when you click on the nav-bar links, you aren’t jumped to the proper location and I wasn’t able to figure out why. Also, it looks great on the big screen, but might look funky on a smaller screen. Any suggestions for improving that would be appreciated.


Cool project my friend. The links are working for me, i don’t know if you’ve solved it or is still not working, but for me is fine. Also, on mobile also looks good. Good job and keep going :smiley:

Hej! Looks good! I noticed that the navbar does not scale properly when small. Maybe you could look into that? :slight_smile:

Nice. I used to play a lot of RuneScape. I think it’s cool in general.