Running a project in Docker - Don't understand instructions

Hey fCC community. I’ve been trying to run the Relational Databases course on my computer for hours and I guess I’ve just hit one too many roadblocks for the day. My current issue is that I’m not sure/flat-out don’t know how to do the things steps 1 & 2 tell us to do:


  1. Clone the RDB Alpha repo to your computer with git clone

  2. Open a terminal, navigate to the rdb-alpha directory, and open VS Code with code .


  1. I don’t know how to clone an RDB Alpha repo (keep in mind that I’m doing the entire fCC course in order) and the instructions don’t explain where to do so. Do I just paste that somewhere on the Docker app I just installed?. I, for some reason, **assumed I should paste that on the Run menu, so I hit Ctrl+R and just run that. It seemed to do something, but I’ve no idea if that was what I was supposed to do.

  2. I have Windows 10 so I assume I should open Powershell? In any case, I don’t know how to navigate to the rdb-alpha directory; I don’t even know where it was installed!
    [EDIT: welp, apparently all I needed to do was write this lengthy thread and wait for the answer to just dawn on my 30 seconds after posting: just type “cm rdb-alpha” on the terminal, just like I had learned on the very first lessons of this course. Whodda thought, right? ]

Any clarification you can provide for a noob will be much appreciated.

PS: and sorry for the whining. It’s been one of those days in which nothing works, and whenever you think you’ve found a solution for problem A, that solution doesn’t work either, so now you have to find out why that solution doesn’t work and how to fix that, but the solution to the solution that didn’t work also doesn’t work, and it goes on and on and on… You know how it is, by the time you’re done, you have 15-20 open browser tabs and you don’t even remember how you got here anymore. I’m sure everyone here can relate.

Guess I don’t know how to use the block quotes either :rofl: :rofl: Boy, what a day

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A little unclear from the edit, but did you resolve this, or no?

To clone a git repo you literally just run that line at a command prompt.

git clone

That’s the git.exe command. If you already have the folder open in a terminal or command prompt, paste that line and hit enter. Or you can run it in the terminal in VSCode, either way it’s just a command line.

Don’t use “run” because it will close the window on you and install it into some default dir. You can run “cmd” to open a command prompt, navigate to the folder you want then paste in the command.

This all assumes you have git installed already

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I suggest to take help of YouTube in this matter.

Breakdown problem into smaller chunks and search in YT

  1. how to clone an RDB Alpha repo on Windows 10


When you watch video of somebody else doing it and redoing yourself, you will learn better.

Even I had same problem while learning, just reading some text didn’t help me but watching someone doing it and repeating it myself helped a lot.


Yes, thank you. I figured I had to do both step 1 & 2 on Powershell, so I did. In regard to installing Git, I jumped through so many hoops trying to get trying to get Docker to work that I honestly don’t remember if I installed it, because I downloaded the setup files for both Docker and Git, and I installed that Dev Containers extension too, but maybe I got so wrapped up with Docker that I forgot to install Git. If I search “Git” on my pc, there’s a bunch of shortcut files (Git Bash, Git CMD, Git GUI, etc), but no C:/Program Files/Git computer. I guess I didn’t install it (so I’ve no idea where those shortcuts came from).

Thanks for the heads up! Gonna install it and try again, and just cross my fingers that I didn’t screw anything up beyond repair by running Step 3 (In VS Code, open the command palette with Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + P. Then, enter and run Dev Containers: Rebuild and Reopen in Container) without Git.

Yes, guess that might have helped too. Thank you for input Vikram, and for having taken the time to read my post! Cheers

If you just type “git” at the command prompt does it give you some feedback?

You may need to check if it’s in the PATH environment variable.

You can type “SET PATH” at the command prompt and look for it:
:\Program Files\Git\cmd;

Hey thanks for all your help man. I installed Git and try to run step 3 again before seeing your comment, and everything seems to be working now. I still need to configure my Git user on this PC, but it looks like everything will run properly after that.

Thank you very much for sticking with me throughout this whole ordeal! Much appreciated! :pray: :pray:

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Hey, we’re all in this together!