Running a Virtual Computer

Does anybody know if it is possible to run a virtual, guest operating system of a later release, on a host operating system of an earlier release? In other words, can one run an Ubuntu 22.10 on an older host running Ubuntu 22.04 (which came earlier).

I have been trying to do this using VirtualBox as my virtual environment builder but having no luck and running across error codes I don’t really understand. So it occurred to me that maybe there was some fundamental reason why an older operating system could not carry out the instructions of a new OS, since that would require being able to execute logic that had not been programmed into it. Or am I missing something?

HI @jimmyFox,

Not sure, but this link might help: => virtualization - Running a VM with old version of Ubuntu, what to use? - Ask Ubuntu

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the link Hall_Jordan, good read but I am still wrestling with this :slight_smile:

Theoretically, you should be able to do this. I think the main issue would be whether the version of VirtualBox you are using supports the guest OS you are trying to run. If your older host OS is running an older version of VB and you can’t upgrade it then perhaps that version of VB is not capable of running the newer OS?

I have run into bugs once in a while with VB that keeps things from working properly. Earlier this year they introduced a bug in VB that caused it to stop working properly with newer linux kernels. The solution was to downgrade the kernel until they fixed the bug. So things like this do happen every so often. But it’s hard to know exactly what is going on here without knowing the errors you are getting.

Thanks bbsmooth, you are right, it is possible and I was able to get this working with Gnome-boxes, which worked better for me than Virtualbox. Thanks again!

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