Running Test shows incorrect solution while it's not

Hey guys , I’m currently checking my solutions for the palindrome problem and palindrome("1 eye for of 1 eye.") should return false is not the correct solution. If you just keep the letters from it should be a palindrome. I checked it on multiple palindrome websites and it is one. Maybe that should be changed to show true? Or am i missing something? Thank you for your help and time.

You need to include the numbers. With the numbers included, this string is not a palindrome.

“1eyeforof1eye” is not the same as “eye1forofeye1”.

Oops I misread the question. Sorry for bothering you and thank you for your help.

Thank you i noticed that i misread the question . I hadn’t included numbers. Thank you

No worries. It’s not an uncommon mistake. Happy coding!

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