Running tests for Tribute Page project

Hi, this might sound embarrassing. I tried running my tests but I was not able to do it. Frustrating because I can’t even tell whether my project works or not. Any tips on how to resolve this. I also copied the link .
But it didn’t work.

where are you developing? is it in codepen?

I was using codepen.

when tou fork the given pen with the test suite, there is a script tag, if you delete that you delete the test suite

to run the tests, select the project from the drop down menu, then use the run tests button

Are there any videos showing how to run the tests?

@NDanek97, if you just copied the test script to codepen you need to put it into the HTML section of codepen like this;
<script src=""></script>
Notice the script tags.

Without using the script tags, you can open the pen settings and in the JS section, paste the link like the following;

To run the tests, click on the hamburger menu to expand it. Select the appropriate project and run the tests.
For any failing tests the button will be red. Click it to see what test(s) failed and text to help you correct the issue.