Running Tests in own environment?

I understand that a cdn is provided, but how can i use this in my code and then run the tests from a local environment, I’d prefer it to be able to add projects to my github in a simpler way and also work with VS code.

I only understand HTML, CSS, C# and Java as of present.
Thank you!

Hey there,

this is the test file:

You can download it and add the link to your downloaded file in a script tag in your HTML file.

Thanks for the response, Miku.
I did suspect that, but wanted to be sure first.
Additionally, if I complete tests in a local environment then will it suffice to include links to GitHub repositories for submissions?

The front-end projects still need to be live working sites. You could look into GitHub Pages since you are already using GitHub repos. They are free. Also, if you own your own domain, you can use their custom domain feature, which would allow you to have subdomains like or

I’ll take a look into Pages and see if it can fit the hosting needs as I have no other hosting presently.
I’ve loved being on the FCC curriculum but i feel as though my HeatMap becomes a bit stale (it was already too stale) if I’m not also working on additional projects outside of FCC which is why I’m interested in the shift to a local environment.

Thank you, Randell.

Just for anyone else also looking to run locally, GitHub Pages does work as an option for this as you can create one on a project by project basis (), not just one page per user.

Thanks again everyone!