Running tests locally

Hi! I am starting out on finishing up the projects in responsive design, but I want to write all the code locally and test them locally although the description says to copy paste the CDN link to run the test anywhere but I am not able to run these tests locally. Please help!!

I think that only worked for me when I added the script tag at the end of the <body>, not to the <head>.

For responsive web design and for all projects in freecodecamp will not work only the challenges will work and I think freecodecamp will check your projects or else you have a run button the codepen so that it checks your code wheater that’s correct or not and if you wanna want to know is my project correct so simply message in the forum so that the leaders can check and give suggestions
And here’s an image of how to run that in
Screenshot (79)
Happy coding

Yeah! I did the same I added the script tag at the end of my body tag but it seems it doesn’t work, I’ll try again, anyway, Thanks for the help @jsdisco

I know how to run the tests in codepen but I wanted to create my project locally on my machine and run the tests there but anyways thanks for the help @anon57113136

ok for that use vscode that will be useful but you cannot run the tests

do you have a live preview or live server extension?

or just open the html file in your browser and you should be able to

Okay so if I want the tests to run too I need to work in codepen only. I get it. Thank You :slight_smile: @anon57113136

Yeah I have the “Live Server” extension installed in VS Code @ilenia

yes you got it and download the live extension and emmet

I usually prefer working on my local machine makes it easy for me to get the work done easily and efficiently so I already have all the extensions installed on VS Code @anon57113136

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ok thats good @randombit

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@randombit, when you say it doesn’t work what do you mean? Do you not see the hamburger menu? Or you see it but the tests don’t run when you expand and select one?

Make sure there are no typo’s. I’m going to place it here so you can cut/paste it.
<script src=""></script>

I don’t see the hamburger menu, I pasted this code snipped at the end of the <body> tag as suggested by @jsdisco but still I can’t see the test menu (or the hamburger menu), thanks for reaching out to help :slight_smile: @Roma

so you have something like the following?

  <script src=""></script>
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Yes this exactly what I did @Roma

Are you blocking third party cookies in the browser? You need to accept third party cookies for the tests to run.

Thanks for the help @Roma, I figured there was a problem with my “Live Server” extension I uninstalled and installed it again, now I can see the “Hamburger Menu” and tests are running well as expected. Thank You So Much :slight_smile:

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Good deal. Happy to help.

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