Running tests not working

After I complete a task, my new computer I just bought tonight won’t move on to the next one. It’s like it’s completely ignoring that I hit the run tests button. Works fine on my cell phone.

You will need to provide us more information.

  1. What is the challenge url?
  2. What code are you trying?
  3. What browser (what version) and operating system are you using?

Hello , i have the same problem with one question and since the update ! i know this answer, it’s very easy but impossible to validate !!! please help me to debug this page ! add it make bug my computer {
background-color: red;
margin: 20px 40px 20px 40px;
padding : 1.5em;
I have the problem only on this question and since the Update (i was on this when it’s started)

if you answer to Randell’s Questions in the last post maybe we can help

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