Running very slow

Hi, I am working my way through CSS/HTML challenges and am on the Ciry Skyline challenge. I have suddenly found the site to be incredibly slow, as in, there is several seconds delay when typing in code so its extremely difficult to work with. My speeds are fine so I don’t think its that. I’ve searched other forum entries which suggest clearing the cache but will that delete my progress? I’m not too proud to admit I’m not sure how to do this either!

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Hello there,

Clearing your cache might help, and will not delete your progress[1].

To clear your cache, you can do one of the following:

  1. Ctrl + Shift + R - hard reloads the page (ignoring any page cache)
  2. Ctrl + Shift + Del (Chrome) - deletes browser cache. Search what works for your browser

Hope this helps

  1. Provided you have an internet connection with access to freeCodeCamp’s server, your progress is saved server-side, the second you submit a challenge ↩︎


I would suggest restarting the browser as well after you clear the cache.

Thanks all, a proper shut down and restart of the pc rather than hibernate seemed to do the trick!

The good old turning it off and on again, never fails.

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