Runtime for testing in curriculum

Just starting out here and while I’ve gone through the Basic HTML and HTML5 lessons, I have had to manually select the next lesson in the curriculum because the testing never completes. Reading into it I thought it was supposed to push me onto the next lesson after the test comes back positive thereby checking it off my list as completed. My longest runtime for allowing a test to try and complete was 6hrs and that was on the very first HTML lesson. Am I doing something wrong from the very start? I’ve double checked several of the videos and there was no difference between what the instruction states and what I had done.

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That’s odd. It shouldn’t take hours for the tests to complete.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a FreeCodeCamp challenge but if I remember correctly, once you’ve passed the test, there’s a pop-up pointing you to the next lesson.

Have you tried running the tests in different browsers?

Last night was in Chrome on my Surface.
Tonight is in MS Edge on my Dell.
Is there another you might suggest I try?
Just jumped back over to the other tab and it is still “// running tests”. been about 40min so far on the first curriculum lesson and I’ve done everything from a copy/paste to an entire retype of that simple command.

Yeah, that’s definitely odd especially considering that it’s HTML only.

You even tried on a different computer/device yet that doesn’t work. For what it’s worth, I’m using Firefox.

A bug maybe?

Some people experienced the problem as well:

Maybe try running Firefox, Edge, and Chrome on each of your devices and see how it works out. I know it’s frustrating especially when you’re starting out.

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I will give Firefox a shot tomorrow… maybe on my wife’s tablet just to get a 3rd computer involved. :grin:

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I’m sorry that you have to go through all that when you’re starting out. FreeCodeCamp normally works but well…technology can be a bit dodgy at times.

Firefox did the trick. Guess I’ve got a new browser to work from. Thank you for your assistance!

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