Rust: String Types and Generics

Hey all,

I realise I could ask this on the official Rust forums, but I have a bias to you guys.

I am not sure about the data structures I should be using for this kind of data. So, I would appreciate help with this.

  • Say you have some JSON you want to represent as a struct:
  "one": "value1"
  "two": 1,
  "three": [
    { "type": "A", "val": 2 }, { "type": "B", "val": 3}

How would be best to represent this?

Currently I have:

pub struct ExchangeInfo {
  one: String,
  two: u16,
  three: Vec<JsonType>

pub enum JsonType {

type filter<T> = String::from(T); // Error 2 below

struct T1 {
  type: filter<"A">, // Error 1 below
  val: u16
struct T2 {
  type: filter<"B">,
  val: u16

Now, I am getting errors like:

constant provided when a type was expected

ambiguous associated type
use fully-qualified syntax: <std::string::String as Trait>::from

For the type property, I know the handful of types which are possible. So, I do not want to put just String.

I may be trying to force too much TS into Rust, but I do want to learn the best practice for defining these sorts of structures.

Any help is appreciated.

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